4 Concerts that turned deadly

Concerts are a fun way to interact with our favorite artists. They give us a place to let loose, have fun, and make new memories- but for some concerts, things get out of hand. In fact, some concerts end in tragedy. Here are 4 examples of concerts that went wrong.

Altamont Free- 1969

The rock and roll decade of the sixties came to a close with the Altamont Free concert that was held in northern California. The concert had an estimated 300,000 attendees and hit bands such as The Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead. Blood hit the fan during the Rolling Stones’ set when an attendee by the name of Meredith Hunter, who had been previously punched in the face, came back for vengeance and brought a gun. By the end of the set, there was a total of four deaths and 850 injuries.

The Who- 1979

On December 3rd, 1979, The Who was set to play in Cincinnati, Ohio. The concert had a first come first serve arrangement for seating, and the arrangement proved to be deadly when a mob rushed the glass doors of the venue and 11 people were killed due to lack of air. It’s said that they died from being pressed against the glass doors and being unable to get adequate oxygen. In addition to the deaths, there were two dozen injuries.

Monsters of Rock- 1988

In 1988, the Monsters of Rock festival was held in England. The festival was held to celebrate rock ad heavy metal music and had been around for 30 years prior to 1988. The 1988 celebration turned into chaos when 2 attendees were crushed and died of asphyxiation during a Guns N’ Roses set. The festival was put on hold until 1990 when it made a return with new safety precautions such as a limit on the number of people that were allowed to attend.

Ariana Grande- 2017

An Ariana Grande concert in Manchester turned into a gruesome scene when a suicide bomber planned and executed an explosion that resulted in 22 deaths. The pop star apologized for the tragedy through her twitter account saying “…from the bottom of my heart, I am so, so, sorry”. The explosion killed men, women, and children, with the youngest victims being 8-10 years old.

Concerts have been going from joyous to tragic since the beginning of their time. Luckily, though, not all concerts end in death and for every deadly concert, there are dozens of redeeming shows.