Has Avril Lavigne been replaced!?

Elvis is back in the building- but Avril Lavigne is out, according to conspiracy theorists. A Brazilian blog claims that the 31-year-old pop star died 10 years ago and has since been replaced by a twin named Melissa Vandella. Melissa Vandella, according to theorists, was Avril’s best friend before her passing so she became the obvious choice to be her permanent lookalike and essentially transform into Avril.

The website has various pictures of the singer posted, claiming that in the pictures, her birthmarks have changed. The blog also claims that the singer has shrunk since 2002, going from 1.58 meters tall to 1.55 meters tall.

Looking at how the new Avril poses for photos, it’s been said that she sports a morbid and depressed expression and often looks down when her picture is taken, as if to say something.

It also reports changes in her voice and handwriting.

The blog writer has also analyzed her hit songs “My Happy Ending” and “Nobody’s Home”, claiming that the songs point towards the singer spiraling into a depression and committing suicide. When her family discovered her death, according to the blog, they covered it up and hired a look-alike (Vandella) to pose as their beloved family member.

The most convincing evidence comes in when we stop and think about her facial structure.

Looking back at pictures of Avril from 2002, and then again at recent photos, it appears that Avril’s nose has changed shape. Whether this is due to the “imposter” having a slightly different facial shape, or simply due to a surgical procedure, it’s easy to spot the difference.

Her eyebrows are also noticeably different. This, however, could be due to plucking, waxing, and other forms of eyebrow care and not necessarily due to her being a different person.

In addition, there are photos on the blog that show side views of the singer and have circles where the moles and birthmarks are different, or nonexistent.

Most die-hard Avril fans have written the theory off as a hoax, claiming that their favorite singer would never get to the point of suicide and that the theory surrounding her is only making her more famous. Her fans across YouTube have taken to their cameras to voice their opinions. Shane Dawson is one of these fans, and he hasn’t fallen for the theory.

What do you think? Has Avril been replaced or is the theory just a theory?