The most popular songs that were almost not released.

As music enthusiasts, we like to think that we can always recognize when a song will be a hit. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Some hit songs were so widely rejected among producers that they almost never left the studio. Which ones? Here are a few.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

This Rolling Stones hit was nearly shut down by its creator, Keith Richards. The day after Richards came up with the title, he and Mick Jagger fleshed out the song and low and behold, Richards was not happy with it. He complained that the song sounded too “folksy”, and would later complain that he considered it “just a working title”. Even after the song was released (thanks to the good taste of the band’s producers), Richards still wasn’t happy.

Somebody That I Used to Know”

In 2011, Gotye released his hit “Somebody That I Used to Know” and despite the song being a massive success, the artist wasn’t happy with it at first. He says that when he first wrote it, he didn’t think it was interesting enough, and then, later on when he added the female vocals, says he couldn’t find the right girl to do the duet with. When the song was eventually complete, he almost didn’t include it on his CD.

Blurred Lines”

Robin Thicke has a hard time getting this hit to launch. He says that his record company didn’t get the song and refused to pay for the music video. Luckily, Remy Martin was supportive of the soon-to-be hit and paid for the video to be produced.

Billie Jean”

Micheal Jackson was known for his chart topping hits. One of them, “Billie Jean” almost flopped, though, because the singer’s producer, Quincy Jones, didn’t like the song. Jackson loved it, however, and eventually got his way.

Got Money”

This Lil Wayne hit single was passed around a time or two before it was eventually released. The song was originally written for Pitbull, who didn’t like the song and refused to tie himself to it. From here, the song was passed by a few different people before landing in Lil Wayne’s hands and becoming a hit.


Lady Gag’s hit song “Applause” came close to not being launched. Gaga, after hearing the finished song, wasn’t a fan of it and didn’t want to include it on any of her CD’s. With a bit of coaxing from her producer and record company, the song was eventually released.

Some songs, like the ones above, had a rough start- but we’re glad that they made it onto the radio.